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TW Farm Report

What is this site trying to accomplish? Increasing your tribal wars farming efficiency to get more resources per hour! Click [Help] in the menu above for a more detailed overview. I would like to thank spamfreely so much for creating a [Setup Guide] :) Check out this [YouTube] for a quick overview of how it works.

TWFR closing soon. TWFarmhand opening.

(May 24,2015 11:56 AM)
TWFR has been a fun project. However, it's time to let it go. There are many things I have had requested and things I've wanted to implement. As I mentioned a while back in the forums, I have been working on a new version. I have about 7 people using the site and the rate at which bugs/issues are reported is dropping. My list of things to do and suggestions is also dropping. I wanted to get it done much faster than I had but real-life has been mildly taxing. If you would like to try the new site, you can head over to I have NO help or videos yet. So, there will be a learning curve. If you are comfortable with TWFR you should be able to fumble through it.

With the closing of TWFR, support for non-english servers is going to drop.... for now. I have reimplemented the ability to translate the site. I just have not tried to get a non-english site working yet. But, I will get there.

The TWFR domain name expires in July. The new site will be ready well before then. I will keep TWFR open until then. (well, unless the usage drops to nothing)

Mini Patch

(May 11,2015 08:47 PM)
The rally point images of outgoing and returning troops was changed slightly. Should be good now


(April 30,2015 10:42 AM)
I went digging into the farm shaper to find out why cats are always sent to one building and never change. I finally found the issue and a few others.
  • the farm details for a village always displayed ? for the Wall level. Not any more. Fixed. (well, it'll still show a ? if you don't use a scout)
  • farm shaper was always sending cats at the headquarters. this was a combination of issues that finally revealed themselves. but, i got it.
  • workshop language translation issue. there was an issue with how the word Workshop was getting translated that caused the farm shaper to NEVER attempt to send cats at it.
  • the enp casual server should work "more correctly" now.
For the farm shaper fix, remember that you have to use your bookmark on the attack confirmation screen to get the system to select the building to attack.


(April 28,2015 07:31 PM)
added and ready. but, before the farm finder works. will need someone to post the first farming report. after that, i can run my app to pull the data. thx and good luck people.

Patch - Farm Shaper

(April 24,2015 09:37 PM)
The enable farm shaper checkbox for custom village configurations was missing. For many years, missing! It's there now.

Alpha Release Testers?

(March 18,2015 09:15 PM)
I am ready to take a couple more testers for the next version of TWFR. If you are interested in testing, please send an email to me at and be sure to put TWFRV2 Testing in the subject. I want to make sure I don't miss it. There are a couple things to consider...

  1. This is hosted out of my house. So, the network stability could be questionable at times.
  2. I would like to make sure the new version does what this version does. I know I have work to do with Friends. But, other than that, I think I got it.
  3. en, enp, us and usp servers only, at the moment
  4. Need some patience.

en78 & en79

(March 04,2015 06:42 PM)
Not 100% sure what the magic bullet was. but, i think i got it. i am now able to send troops out on en79. i'll keep an eye on the forums. let me know if it works or not for you. either way, i'd like to hear back on this one. thanks.


(February 26,2015 10:45 PM)
should be good to go. good luck. have fun.

en79 added

(February 11,2015 01:26 AM)
new world ready to go. thank you justin2299 for letting me know


(February 03,2015 01:15 AM)
TW put new icons into the rally point attack list. I am now accounting for the new icons for scouting runs and returning scouting runs. If you find any other new icons, let me know.

UK22 added

(January 29,2015 09:06 PM)
As the title says, uk22 added

Mini Patch, Sending troops to same village

(January 05,2015 12:00 AM)
There was an issue with troops being sent to the same village. The issue was when a 'larger than small' attack was sent to a village. The 'attack detector' was only identifying small attacks. So, when a medium or large attack was sent, it was not getting registered and a second attack would be sent. Thank you Mayank for finding this one. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

us18 server

(December 22,2014 05:50 PM)
uhh, should be ready to go. let me know if anyone has issues

Delete Fixed

(December 18,2014 08:20 PM)
Found the issue behind deleting villages. It was only for villages that had village specific configurations. Should be good now.

Delete problems?

(December 04,2014 11:05 AM)
Sorry people. I'm back. Been dealing with sick kids the last few days. I have noticed a couple people having issues trying to delete villages. If you are one of those people, please let me know. I have copied the database to my local environment and want to begin testing. I did not have any issues trying to delete my villages. So, gonna need to find someone who is having the issue to address the issue. Thx.

Ram Patch

(December 02,2014 09:43 PM)
Well, I think I got it working for real. When a TWFR configuration is set to send rams but a farms wall does not exist, the ram configuration will be skipped and TWFR will continue to the next configuration.


(November 30,2014 09:34 AM)
OMG! Fix one thing and another breaks. *sigh* I am running into an issue where TWFR wants to send zero troops. Trying to find it. Sorry people. I am going to revert my changes with the rams. The code is just too too touchy. I will keep trying to take care of it


(November 30,2014 09:11 AM)
Grrrr... For the programmers out there. Fyi, 'break' != 'continue'. Stupid loop control. Should be good now, people. Sorry.


(November 30,2014 09:01 AM)
Found an issue with the patch. Seems the loops to find a farm are getting cut off early. I' on it.


(November 30,2014 08:26 AM)
  • Reporting walls and other building levels now works properly for 'special' servers. Normally, I identify a server by it's 2 letter and 2 digit server id. (i.e. us17, en66, no20). But, when I added the 'special' ones (i.e. high-perf, casual, classic), there were translation issues. Building levels should now be getting recorded properly.
  • The new 'ram rules' are in place. When a configuration is set to send rams and the farm has no wall, the configuration will not send out the troops to farm. TWFR will fall through to the next configuration.

enc1 added

(November 29,2014 08:56 AM)
uhhh, enc1 added.

Norway classic server added

(November 26,2014 08:15 PM)
noc1 is now available

UK world 78 added

(November 25,2014 09:51 PM)
The title says it all

TWFR Community Discussion/Poll

(November 16,2014 03:54 PM)
Check out the [Walls, Farm Shaping and You...] post in the [Suggestions] forum. A discussion about a change in farming configurations that involved rams and cats.

Mini-Patch; Welcome enp casual server!

(November 16,2014 02:44 PM)
  • I am on the enp2 casual server. Go ahead and give it a shot if you live there! Let me know if you have any issues or would like to see another casual server added.
  • Forums fix. When a new post was made, all the users who had previously posted were not getting the forum marked as unread to signify a new post was made. Sorry for not fixing this one earlier.

UK21 Added

(November 13,2014 09:49 PM)
So sorry, I totally missed a forum requet to add UK21 to the server list.

Patch - Report Delete

(October 21,2014 11:54 PM)
There was a bug with the report option to delete a report after it was submitted. The CGI query string variable order was switched around and not getting picked up properly. Should be able to use the 'delete' option after submitting a report now.

Sweden World 28

(October 06,2014 11:29 PM)
Welcome Sweden! I just got things setup and World 28 is working for me so far. I do not have scouts yet but was able to get my spear/sword attack on a barbarian village to submit. Let me know if you have any issues!

TWFR Version 2, renamed?

(October 06,2014 08:18 AM)
I am thinking that since Version 2 of TWFR is going to have so much more, rather than calling it Version 2 I may give it an entirely new name. Have any suggestions? Head to 'Help Me!' in the [Forums]. Thanks.

Norway World 20

(October 05,2014 08:46 PM)
Added. Let me know if you find any issues!


(September 30,2014 06:33 PM)
The ability to create a new account was broken. ACK! But, patched and up and running again


(September 29,2014 09:54 PM)
Decided to show you what's going on. It doesn't actually work but there are things up and running that work enough to give you an idea as to what I have been doing. The site is a bit slow but it does work. Keep an eye out there and I'll do my best to keep the announcements coming :)

Patched again

(September 28,2014 12:07 AM)
So, I patched an issue weeks ago that allowed me more accurate datetime calculations based on the server time. However, that fix broke the village/farm graph on the site. I am now utilizing the old and new methods. The new method is the better one and is used at the rally point. The old one is used for the village/farm map. The old one is still relatively accurate. But, keep in mind, what you see on that graph will not necesarily be the numbers used when sending troops from the rally point. I decided not to put too much time into it since Version2 is coming along nicely and is much more accurate. It calculates down to the minute instead of hour.


(September 27,2014 05:25 PM)
Found the problem with World 75. There was a crash due to the lack of a paladin. All is looking good now. Thanks to joeldudesx for reporting the issue!


(September 27,2014 05:18 PM)
Found a bug and will be back up shortly


(September 26,2014 11:36 PM)
Occasionally a village's resources are reduced to zero. (haul or espionage) When this happen, rather than reporting a '0', the resource type that is empty is not displayed on the report. I added a fix that will catch this issue. It's working great for me and thank you Noid1717 for the reports to help fix it.

Farm Finder Service Patch

(September 25,2014 08:57 AM)
Finally found the issue why the farm finder service was crashing when attempting to download the village/player files. Patched and running. Should be good now.

Site went down?

(September 22,2014 11:49 PM)
Sorry for the site going down. I was not notified about any planned down time. I contacted support and they had some internal issues.

So far, so good

(September 20,2014 07:57 AM)
It looks like everytying is going well. I have to say that I am so so happy with the new hosting!


(September 19,2014 01:04 AM)
Quick! Quick! Recreate your bookmark and get back to farming!